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If you want to rank on top for Google or other major search engines, you’ll need more than just plain luck—you’ll need the exact road map used by those who have already achieved top positions for their website(s). That’s the purpose of SEO Expert Space — to provide you with a simple, easy-to-follow road map for achieving top search engine results for your very own website, blog, or digital assets.
I’ve personally read dozens of SEO books that left me without any practical advice or the guidance required to improve my website rankings. That was the motivation for this book. You won’t find page after page of useless theory here. I wanted to create a helpful guide that would give you enough information to expand your understanding of SEO concepts and ideas, but place more of an emphasis on what to do and how to do it for immediate results that improve your search engine rankings and traffic!
When I started out in Internet marketing no one was able to show me how to achieve the results I was looking for. New to Internet marketing, the prospect of reaching the number one position on Google, or any other website, seemed next to impossible. Of course, there were marketing gurus and tons of Internet marketing products that offered “amazing results” and I tried lots of them. In the end many of these online products didn’t live up to expectations. While trying to implement the advice given, I spent thousands of dollars creating and redesigning websites only to find that there was no single solution for getting top rankings on major search engines.
Although discouraged, I never gave up. I knew that in order to be successful online I’d have to increase the natural search engine placements for my website and through a good deal of hard work and persistence, I discovered and refined the search engine optimization secrets I’m going share with you in this Website. Now that I’ve achieved total search engine optimization success through years of trial and error, learning what truly works, I’ve decided to provide this information to as many individuals as possible seeking online success. Despite popular belief, you won’t need an advanced degree in search engine optimization or years of experience in website development to improve your search engine rankings. All you’ll need is a desire to have your website ranked number one on Google and a willingness to follow these simple, yet highly effective techniques that have been proven effective again and again.
This is especially important given the continual evolution of Google’s algorithm.  Today, focusing on things like: content quality, direct and indirect social influence, usage data/traffic and click-through-rate, topical authority, trust and spam metrics, personalization, and user experience (speed and ease) are much more important than ever before SEO is a constantly evolving discipline that is based on a number of core, evergreen principals. 
How This Website Is Organized
In thinking about all of this information on SEO and how to present it, I decided to organize this Website into two main sections: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization . Each section is designed to help you understand and implement the same techniques I’ve used to achieve top search engine placements for my own sites and the websites of hundreds of clients.
Section 1: On-Page Optimization
The first section is an introduction to search engines and fundamental search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. On-page optimization covers everything you should do when developing your website and web pages. Don’t worry if you’ve already spent money on designing your website or have limited knowledge of HTML or even website development itself. Once you learn these effective techniques and understand how to use them, they can be applied in just a matter of minutes to any new or existing website.
Surprisingly, many of these techniques are overlooked by 95 percent of all Internet marketers and those who are attempting to improve their search engine result placements (SERPs). How do I know? Because when my company reviews websites for clients, many of them aren’t applying these powerful SEO techniques.
At the end of this section, I’ll provide a summary of the most important points covered concerning on-page optimization. You can use the summary page for quick review or as an ongoing reference to simplify your optimization efforts.
Section 2: Off-Page Optimization
The second section focuses on external factors that affect your Google ranking. With recent changes to the Google algorithm the focus has evolved to balance the importance of both on-page and off-page factors. You still need to start with and rely on onsite optimization but also need to focus on applying off-page optimization techniques.  These are largely focused on attracting quality inbound links to your website. Off page techniques are among the most powerful and effective for improving your search engine results. In this section, I’ll discuss off-page optimization and reveal the same strategies I use on a daily basis to increase website rankings. After applying these techniques in combination with on-page optimization, your website ranking will literally begin to skyrocket toward the top of Google and other major search engines.
It’s important to note that off-page optimization is covered in the second section of this Website because without on-page optimization factors being implemented correctly, your website can never achieve top placement (OK, never is an exaggeration but it would take much longer and require greater effort).
Again, at the end of this section I’ll provide a summary of its most important points for quick reference.
Section 3: Research to Practice
In this section I’m going to show you how to manage your website optimization efforts on a daily and weekly basis.  This simple process keeps your website moving higher in search results and ensures that it stays there!  Applying these techniques is the key to achieving results and protecting your top search positions.
Section 4: SEO Glossary
The final section of this Webiste contains an updated SEO glossary that can serve as a helpful reference along your search engine optimization journey. By understanding key phrases and SEO language, you’re sure to reach your final destination.

SEO Expert Space provides exactly what you need to begin your climb to the number one search position on Google, just as I have for many of my websites and blogs, and the websites I’ve developed and optimized for a long list of high-profile customers. As each page unfolds, and you learn the most powerful techniques for search engine optimization, you will achieve search engine success! 


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