TOP 5 SEO Tools to Improve your Website Ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is indispensable if you want to score better with your website. If you want to get started with it yourself, you often come across a lot of tools. But, which are the best now? We give you a top 5 so that you can make a choice more easily.

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Whether your website is made in Drupal, Wordpress or even in Squarespace, you should apply SEO in every situation to rank better in the search results on Google. 
To make it easier for you and save yourself from a search, we would like to list our 
top 5 SEO tools so that you can quickly get started with them yourself.

SEO: a short recap

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or in Dutch search engine optimization . With SEO optimizations you ensure that certain SEO factors are correctly and completely created and filled in so that Google can better read and interpret your website. Thanks to these optimizations, your website will rank better, and therefore higher, in the search results on Google.

Tool 1: ahrefs

Are you looking for a complete tool with which you can do various things, such as scanning your website for content, but also for technical SEO? One that helps you with a thorough keyword analysis? Then ahrefs is definitely recommended. However, this tool is paid, but that also guarantees a better functioning compared to free tools. This tool is therefore chosen by many marketers and SEO experts and is therefore suitable for marketers who already have some knowledge of SEO and work with it on a regular (daily) basis.

Tool 2: Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool and is an absolute must to set up.  

Google Search Console gives you extra insights into how your website already ranks in Google. This way you will be able to see with which keywords you already bring visitors to your website and which position you achieved in the results with these keywords. Would you like to score higher for certain keywords? Then you can better tailor your content to those keywords.

Tool 3: MOZ toolbar

Both the full Moz Pro and the free Moz toolbar are recommended by many marketers as good SEO tools. We opted for a quick checker with the Moz toolbar. With this toolbar you can quickly get an eye on the basic SEO of a certain page. So you can see whether your page title, meta description, H1, ... have been completed and/or whether they need optimisation. This toolbar is an extension that you can install for free on Google Chrome (or other browsers).

Tool 4: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a website plugin that helps you to improve your SEO. Free and extremely easy to use. This way you will see a score per page to improve your SEO. Therefore, fill in your page title, meta description, ... completely with a focus on keywords that you would like to score with.

Please note: this plugin mainly works on Wordpress websites . There is a module for Drupal that works in a similar way, but it is no longer associated with Yoast SEO. This way you will be able to find comparable applications for all technologies.

Tool 5: Answer the public

Would you like to add content to your website such as a blog? Or maybe you are just looking for inspiration to improve the content on your website towards SEO? Then Answer the public is  a very nice one to use.


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