Search Engine Marketing, what is that?


search engine marketing

SEM means search engine marketing . Search Engine Marketing is on the one hand aimed at making your website better found in search engines , on the other hand it is intended that you achieve more conversion from your website.

With the latter, Search Engine Marketing encompasses more than the two main pillars of SEM, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). By means of SEM, your website is not only found better, but we also think about how to influence the behavior of your visitors, so that they do what you want: stay longer on the website, click through and eventually become a customer!

How does Search Engine Marketing work?

Three things are important for a good ranking: the technology of the web page (for example the URL and HTML), the content of the web page (for example text and images) and the environment of the web page (for example links to and from other web pages, hosting and social media).
Where customers come through the front door in a physical store, a visitor to a website enters from all sides. This means that all parts of a website must be optimized. .

When working with AdWords , it is wise to have good landing pages. Furthermore, the campaigns must be set up properly; which channels do you use, how do you target, which bidding strategy. This also needs to be optimized again.

Good SEM does not mean that you will immediately see a doubling in the number of new customers the next day. It will take a while before you will see an effect.
SEM is an on-going process. Firstly, when your website is doing well, your competitor will notice this. The competitor will (be able to) take action on this. Secondly, the internet world is constantly changing. An update from Google, changed search behavior of the visitor, etc. It is therefore wise to periodically pay attention to your SEM. Because so does your competition.


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